Doubt on Divorce

Shortened Question: What if a person whispers the word `divorce` without any intention? Question: Aslaam alaikum Dear mufti sahib, please reply.. the brother is worried sick and restless. question reg... read more >

9th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Jumu’ah Salah

Shortened Question: Is it still necessary for me to observe the Jumu`ah prayer in the particular case given? Question: Asalaamualykum-wa-Rehmatullaahi-wa-Barakaatahu-wa-Magfeeratahu! Mohatram Mufti sa... read more >

9th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Maidens of Paradise

Shortened Question: Are the following narrations from Ihya al-Uloom of Imam Ghazzali authentic? Question: In book by the great Imam Ghazzali: Ihya Uloom Ed-Din. Volume 4, Page-4.430; “According to P... read more >

9th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Travel Costs

Shortened Question: Is it permissible to travel to an office further away to make extra money? Question: Salam Imam sahib, I am an employee of multinational company based in England....... read more >

4th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Rights of the Husband & Wife

Shortened Question: What are the rights of a husband and wife? Question: Respected Aalim. On behalf of a sister Is it permissible for a husband to do as he pleases...... read more >

4th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

When to have a bath after Menses

Shortened Question: Can I perform ghusl on the 8th day of my period? Question: As salaam walaikum This question is on behalf of my sister she wanted to know is...... read more >

1st Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Post Mortem in Islam

Shortened Question: What is the ruling pertaining to post mortem? Question: Assalam u alaiqum Dear Muhtaram Mufti Sahab daamat barakatuhu, I hope you and family are doing well Mufti sahib....... read more >

1st Feb 2016 by Our Imam

A troublesome Mother-In-Law

Shortened Question: How do I deal with a troubling mother in law? Question: What does religion say about a situation where husband and wife are willing for something, but mother-in-law...... read more >

1st Feb 2016 by Our Imam

The timing of `Asr salaah

Shortened Question: How late can Asr congregation be observed at? Question: Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatoohoo Recently there has been a new trend I have come across where some...... read more >

28th Jan 2016 by Our Imam