Qur'an & Hadeeth

Query on a Qur’an ayah

Shortened Question: Why is the ayah in reference mentioned only in that one place? Question: There is nonly 1 place in quran where the verse ya ayyahul latheena aaminu comes...... read more >

1st Mar 2016 by Our Imam

Ahadith on Shām

Shortened Question: What are the Ahadith regarding the virtue of the people and place of as-Shām? Question: Asalaam alaikum dear imam. What is the hadith narration where the Rasul said...... read more >

25th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Maidens of Paradise

Shortened Question: Are the following narrations from Ihya al-Uloom of Imam Ghazzali authentic? Question: In book by the great Imam Ghazzali: Ihya Uloom Ed-Din. Volume 4, Page-4.430; “According to P... read more >

9th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Interpretation of dream with raw meat

Shortened Question: What is the interpretation of a dream involving raw meat? Question: Salam, a male member of my Family has had a dream that has left them rather concerned....... read more >

28th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Reciting Qur`an: mus`haf or ipad?

Shortened Question: Is it more rewarding and blessed to read the Quran from the mus`haf rather than on the iPad? Question: AssalamoAlaikum I wish to know if there is a...... read more >

26th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Why so many sects in Islam?

Shortened Question: A revert confused with several sects in Islam Question: There are many sects in Islam and each of them claims that they are the true Muslims. Sunni, Shia,...... read more >

26th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Hadith on Islam being “strange”

Shortened Question: Who are the “gurabaa” (strangers) mentioned in the Hadith? Question: Dear Sir What is the meaning of hadis of islaam began as strange and will return to it...... read more >

26th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Masah over the feet

  Shortened Question: What is the basis of masah upon the Jawrabain? Can the Qur`anic verse facilitate performing masah over, as well as washing, the feet? Question: Is it true...... read more >

20th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Giving preference over Qur`an

Shortened Question: Can a person prefer excerpts from a scholar over The Qur`an? Question: Assalamua’laikum, What do Ulema-e-Sharee’at say about a person who prefers excerpts from Mulla A&... read more >

19th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Voting & Mocking Islam

Shortened Question: What is the Islamic verdict of voting in national elections? Will a person leave the fold of Islam by laughing at any aspects of Islam? Question: I was...... read more >

18th Jan 2016 by Our Imam