The Day of Eid

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28th Jul 2020 by Our Imam

Coronavirus: Bathing The Deceased

The general procedure of bathing the deceased It is better for the washer[s] to make the intention of bathing the deceased; When the people decide to bathe the deceased, they...... read more >

24th Jul 2020 by Our Imam

Coronavirus: Islamic perspective

What should we do at times like this? Don’t lose hope; be patient. The Glorious Qur`an states, “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and...... read more >

23rd Jul 2020 by Our Imam

Racism in Islam

There is no religion, system or philosophy that has campaigned for, and demonstrated, the equality between races, ethnicities and colour, the way that Islam has. The essence of Islam was...... read more >

22nd Jul 2020 by Our Imam

Method of Da‘wah – from The Qur`an

There are 3 fundamental beliefs emphasised in The Qur`an to which it calls humanity: 1. Oneness of Allah (Tawhid); 2. Messengership of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) (Risalah); 3....... read more >

21st Jul 2020 by Our Imam