Valley of Souls

Shortened Question: Did the souls encounter other souls and Allah before being born? Question: Is it true that we all met Allah as souls before being born? That some souls...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Male Hair

Shortened Question: What is the maximum length of a Muslim male`s hair and what constitutes imitation of women? How is such a person`s Imamat? Question: Assalamu alaykum W. W Muhtaram...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Salah Sajda Sahw

Shortened Question: If a Masbuq commits a mistake, does he have to make Sajdah Sahw? Question: Assalam alaikum, I want to ask if I have joined namaz with jamat in...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Living with Non-Muslims

Shortened Question: How should we deal with non-Muslims? Question: Salam, I am very confused about my deen, to the point I feel I can`t be muslim as it is as...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Parents Vs Faith

Shortened Question: Provide some advice on the dilemma between loyalty to parents and conviction in faith Question: I`m in such a situation where I cannot say anything to my parents...... read more >

16th Dec 2015 by Our Imam