Fasting In Ramadhan

Please download the following link and share with all.  Fast (Sawm) Also download and share the following poster. You may print and display it at home or masjid. Fasting Poster... read more >

5th Jun 2016 by Our Imam

What is Deen?

Prophetic Tradition The second rightly-guided Caliph, Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), narrates: One day while we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah (peace and salutations be upon...... read more >

5th May 2016 by Our Imam

The six authentic books of Hadith

The majority of the Darul `Ulooms (Islamic seminaries) around the globe require students to study `the six authentic books` of Hadith in the final year of the [6-8 year] degree...... read more >

6th Apr 2016 by Our Imam

The Four Schools of Fiqh

There are four accepted schools of thought. Their jurisprudence is accepted and alive throughout the world since more than a thousand years. Their leaders are Imam Abu Hanifah (d. 150...... read more >

23rd Mar 2016 by Our Imam

Will and Inheritance in Islam

There are clear guidelines in The Glorious Qur`an and the Prophetic teachings to follow in drawing up wills and distributing inheritance. Allah Ta`ala has specifically addressed the issue of how...... read more >

9th Mar 2016 by Our Imam