Sayyiduna Husain (May Allah be pleased with him) – A Leader of the Youth in Jannah


He was the younger brother of Hasan RA, the son of Fatimah RA and Ali RA (May Allah be pleased with them all. Ameen), and the grandson of Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He was born on the 5th of Sha’baan 4 A.H. in the blessed city of Madinah. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) named him, called out the adhan and iqamah in his ears, applied his saliva to his mouth, supplicated for him and applied some fragrance. On the 7th day, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) performed the ‘aqeeqah, shaved off his hair and gave equivalent of its weight in charity.


Just like Hasan RA, he resembled the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in appearance. He was of average height with a broad forehead, thick beard, broad chest, wide shoulders, powerfully built joints and bones and strong arms and legs. He had black hair, a fair, but reddish, complexion and a beautiful voice.


He was very devout in his worship and performed salah abundantly. He performed Hajj 25 times on foot. He was known for his generosity.

His Children

Husain RA had six sons, who were: Ali Akbar, Ali Awsat (Zaynul Aabideen), Ali Asghar, Muhammad, Abdullah, and Ja’far. From these sons, Ali Akbar, Ali Asghar, Muhammad and Abdullah were all martyred with their father at Karbala. Although Ali Awsat (Zaynul Aabideen) also fought in the battle, he was taken prisoner and later returned to Makkah, where he lived and had children. Ja’far had passed away during his lifetime. He also had three daughters: Zaynab, Sakeenah and Fatimah.

Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) love for him

Jabir RA says, “We were with Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) when we were invited for a meal. When we came across Husain playing with other children in the street, Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) ran ahead of the others and stretched out his hands (to grab him). Husain started running to and forth as Prophet PBUH made him laugh in front of everyone there. Prophet PBUH then stretched out his arms and held him with one hand on his chin and the other between his head and ears. Thereafter, Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) hugged and kissed him saying, ‘Husain is from me and I am from him. May Allah love those who love him. Hasan and Husain are two (distinguished) grandsons from amongst grandsons‘.”[Tabarani] The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was once delivering the sermon when Hasan and Husain RA entered the Masjid. The Prophet immediately dismounted the pulpit, picked them up and made them sit in front of him … [Tirmizi]


Once, Ibn Muti‘ said to Husain RA, “I have drained this well (to fix it) but there are still times when the buckets come out empty. Would you please supplicate that Allah blesses it.” Husain RA asked for some of its water; and when it was brought in a bucket, he took some in his mouth, gargled his mouth and then returned it to the well. After this, the water of the well not only increased, but also became sweeter. [Ibn Sa‘d]


Once, while out riding, he passed by some poor people sharing some bread. He greeted them with salam. They requested him to join them. Husain dismounted and joined them, reciting the verse, “Indeed Allah does not like the arrogant ones. “

After eating with them, he said, “Dear brothers! Now that I have accepted your invitation, you need to accept mine.” After they had accepted, and all arrived at his home, he summoned his servant to give them all that he had with him.

His words of Perseverance and Steadfastness

The night before his martyrdom, Husain RA said, ‘Fear Allah, dear sister, and take solace from His praises. When death will come to all living creatures and none can escape it, why this anxiety about it? Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was an example to all of us and what did his example teach us? It taught us to persevere through all situations, to trust in Allah and to be pleased with His decree.” [al-Bidayah]

Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

“Hasan and Husain will be the leaders of the youth of Jannah;”

“They (Hasan and Husain) are my two fragrant flowers;“

“What excellent riders are they …;“

“Hasan shall inherit my dignity and leadership and Husain shall inherit my courage and generosity;“

“… Whoever loves me should love these two.“

“These are my sons and the sons of my daughter. O Allah, I love both of them and I love all those who love them.“ [Tirmizi]


He was martyred on the 10th of Muharram 61 A.H. at a place Karbala, which is located on the banks of the Euphrates River.

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