Reciting Qur`an: mus`haf or ipad?

Shortened Question: Is it more rewarding and blessed to read the Quran from the mus`haf rather than on the iPad? Question: AssalamoAlaikum I wish to know if there is a...... read more >

26th Jan 2016 by Our Imam


Shortened Question: What comprises a beard in sharia? Question: As Salamu Alikum Respected Mufti Saheb. Where does the beard start and end? Is it permissible to remove excessive hair on...... read more >

20th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Giving preference over Qur`an

Shortened Question: Can a person prefer excerpts from a scholar over The Qur`an? Question: Assalamua’laikum, What do Ulema-e-Sharee’at say about a person who prefers excerpts from Mulla A&... read more >

19th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Voting & Mocking Islam

Shortened Question: What is the Islamic verdict of voting in national elections? Will a person leave the fold of Islam by laughing at any aspects of Islam? Question: I was...... read more >

18th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Reciting Qur`an in a Dream

Shortened Question: How do I respond to the recitation of Qur`an in my dreams? Question: I also often find myself reading surah fatiha… Then surah ikhlas mostly… Sometimes also durood...... read more >

18th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Parents Vs Faith

Shortened Question: Provide some advice on the dilemma between loyalty to parents and conviction in faith Question: I`m in such a situation where I cannot say anything to my parents...... read more >

16th Dec 2015 by Our Imam