Rights of the Husband & Wife

Shortened Question: What are the rights of a husband and wife? Question: Respected Aalim. On behalf of a sister Is it permissible for a husband to do as he pleases...... read more >

4th Feb 2016 by Our Imam

Husband and Wife – Money matters

Shortened Question: Does the husband`s money belong to his wife and vice versa? Question: As Salamu Alaikum. Over the years I have heard people and in lecture that a man`s...... read more >

18th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Allowance & Wife’s spending

Shortened Question: Who is entitled to the Carer allowance for my child? How can I limit her spending? Question: Salam. I hope you are in the best of health. My...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Sexual Intercourse

Shortened Question: Does abstinence from sexual intercourse for a long duration render the Nikaah invalid? Question: If a husband and wife have not had sexual intercourse for more than 6...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Husband & Wife relationship

Shortened Question: Is a woman required to listen to all that which her husband dictates? Question: My question is that should a woman listen to everything, be it correct or...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Drug-taking Husband

Shortened Question: My husband takes drugs and I can`t say anything to him. What should I do? Question: As-Salam Alaykum I want to ask advice for being newly married and...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Marriage Dilemma

Shortened Question: The parents want their daughter to marry within the family with a boy of their choice. While she does not want to displease her parents, she does not...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Option of Divorce to wife

Shortened Question: Will the following statements annul my marriage after the authority of divorce being transferred to my wife? Question: If I tell my wife it is her choice or...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam