Wife and difficult In-Laws

  Shortened Question: Am I responsible to financially assist my family-in-law? Question: When I got married my husband was not earning well but we were living in joint family system....... read more >

18th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Financing Parents and Family

Shortened Question: How do I deal with the mental and financial pressure of providing for my family and parents? Question: Asalamualikum. I am 25 years old, married and living with...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Allowance & Wife’s spending

Shortened Question: Who is entitled to the Carer allowance for my child? How can I limit her spending? Question: Salam. I hope you are in the best of health. My...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam

Fine on Delayed Payment

Shortened Question: What can Muslim businessmen do to be able to give goods on credit and ensure their payment is received on time without imposing fines which are disallowed in...... read more >

17th Jan 2016 by Our Imam