What is Deen?

Prophetic Tradition The second rightly-guided Caliph, Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), narrates: One day while we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah (peace and salutations be upon...... read more >

5th May 2016 by Our Imam

The six authentic books of Hadith

The majority of the Darul `Ulooms (Islamic seminaries) around the globe require students to study `the six authentic books` of Hadith in the final year of the [6-8 year] degree...... read more >

6th Apr 2016 by Our Imam

The Four Schools of Fiqh

There are four accepted schools of thought. Their jurisprudence is accepted and alive throughout the world since more than a thousand years. Their leaders are Imam Abu Hanifah (d. 150...... read more >

23rd Mar 2016 by Our Imam

Will and Inheritance in Islam

There are clear guidelines in The Glorious Qur`an and the Prophetic teachings to follow in drawing up wills and distributing inheritance. Allah Ta`ala has specifically addressed the issue of how...... read more >

9th Mar 2016 by Our Imam

The Status of Women in Islam

Women play an integral role in the formation of society. The many roles which a woman may assume throughout her life – daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, academic, scholar, and...... read more >

9th Feb 2016 by Our Imam